• Stud


    Double-ended screws or double-ended studs, used to connect the fixed link function of the machine. The stud bolt has threads at both ends, and the screw in the middle is thick or thin. Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, hanging towers, long-span steel structures and large buildings, etc.

  • Transformer stand

    Transformer stand

    Pedestal for transformer installation

  • Anchor Rod

    Anchor Rod

    A rod or other metal component to which a cable is attached to a ground anchor.

  • Pole Arm

    Pole Arm

    An Angle iron fixed transversely at the top of a telephone pole with a porcelain bottle attached to it, used to support overhead wires

  • Hold Hoop

    Hold Hoop

    A hoop is a fastener that uses one material to hold or hoop another one.

    The hoop device is composed of a hoop plate, a wing plate, a stiffening plate, a bolt and an inner liner.

    There are many kinds of hoop, such as cable hoop, pole hoop, pull wire hoop, hanging wire hoop, stainless steel hoop and so on.

  • Yoke plate   L  type

    Yoke plate L type

    A plate shaped connecting tool that connects a number of insulator strings or assembles a number of stressed branches into a whole.

  • Metric DIN 933 Hexagon Head Cap Screws / Bolts Full Thread

    Metric DIN 933 Hexagon Head Cap Screws / Bolts Full Thread

    Equivalent norms: ISO 4017; CSN 021103; PN 82105; UNI 5739; EU 24017;

    At Heibei Hanwang, we are highly engaged in offering best quality DIN 933 – Hexagon Head Bolts in a wide range of thicknesses, lengths, grades and materials in China and across worldwide clients at affordable rates.

    Since it is made out of such strong materials, these high quality grade 8.8 bolts are often used in high-temperature environments like automotive parts assembly. These Hex Bolts can also be used in marine and coastal operations due to its anti-corrosion property. We ensure that all our products are durable and high strength components which can only enhance your work’s credibility.

  • DIN 6923 – 1983 Hexagon Nuts With Flange

    DIN 6923 – 1983 Hexagon Nuts With Flange

    Equivalent norms: ISO 4161; EU 1661;

    Flange nuts have a washer-like base to distribute pressure over a greater surface area and ensure the fastener stay tight. They are commonly used in manufacturing assembly lines where operations are speeded by using a single fastener instead of a nut and washer.

    We have acquired the reputation of being the most reliable Serrated Flange Nut Supplier of Industrial Flange Nut in this sector. The serrations on Metric Flange Nut are angled such that they keep the nut from rotating in the direction that would loosen the nut. Because of the serrations, they cannot be used with a washer or on surfaces that must not be scratched.

    Heibei Hanwang design a variety of serrated flange nut types in grade 5, grade 8, and Stainless Flange Nuts with A2 and A4 standard, We also offer the best quality Heavy Duty Hex Nuts that meets national and international standards of both DIN and ISO.

  • UT wire clamp ( non-adjustable)

    UT wire clamp ( non-adjustable)

    Wedge type self – locking structure, the steel strand is stuck in the online slot, generally used for the lower end of the cable tower

  • Thimble


    A liner used to tie a steel strand or wire rope

  • NX wedge clamp

    NX wedge clamp

    Composed of a groove, a clamping piece and a rod.

    The clamping piece holds the wire and places it in the groove.

    The groove and the clamping piece slide relative to each other and hold the wire tightly.

  • JB Aluminum parallel groove clamp

    JB Aluminum parallel groove clamp

    It is used for connecting two wires and can meet the mechanical and electrical performance requirements of the wires.

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